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Author Message
Post subject: JO Reality Mod - Update  PostPosted: Nov 24, 2008 - 03:49 AM

After two or so years of absence, the Reality Team, an arm of Psyphon Games (formerly Brutal Arts) did in March 2008, due to significant interest, re-activate the Reality expansion.

Reality was borne out of the desire of many people to have a more challenging and demanding FPS, without any of the arcade type bells and whistles. It promotes teamwork whilst demanding co-ordination, determination and patience. In short, it levels the playing field between the younger and older players, (i.e. what a mature player may lack in speed, can more than be made up for in cunning, patience and worldly experience, more commonly known as common sense).

This update was specifically aimed at addressing the consensus that there were a few problems that needed urgent attention. It is with this in mind that we are proud to announce the release of Reality 2.5.1

This update addresses the following issues:

All weapons bullet spread reduced.
Most weapons sight accuracy improved.
Many weapons recoil revised.
Anti-Vehicle mines fixed.
Claymores kill ‘Anyone’.
Anti-Vehicle mines now need to be placed when crouched.
Satchels explosion range/size modified.
Password at login screen fixed.
Jeeps speed modified to be relative to other vehicles.
Avenger parked on FARP no longer catches fire before reload is complete.
Flashbangs modified to limit flash when shielded by walls etc.
“LOADING…” removed from loading splash screen to allow longer server messages.
Large Cargo Ship now floats until destroyed.
Bullet spread added to slug version of shotgun
Buckshot spread modified on shotgun.
Armed Hummers fitted with doors and other extras.
Olympic Hotel LFP changed to the one with an interior.
Russian embassy basement building added.
Destroyable door for Russian embassy basement building added.
Destroyable walls fixed.
Destroyale portable generator can now be destroyed.
Compass modified to slightly enlarge detail.
Snowflake added.
Set of AI that remain as corpses in maps.

We hope that this update will allow continued enjoyment of a challenging modification to the original game. We would also like to point out that in the future, all objects within JO:R, weapons and vehicles will (as far as the game engine will allow) eventually be configured to perform similarly to those in real life, with no regard for balance. It will therefore be the players’ responsibility to determine what the opponents capabilities are, choose their loadout and devise stategies accordingly.


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Post subject:   PostPosted: Nov 24, 2008 - 10:06 AM

This is in our downloads now .....

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