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Post subject: Bugle Calls  PostPosted: Feb 11, 2006 - 03:29 PM

Audible signals have been used as a means of communications for centuries. In the military, troops were awaken, notified to assemble and soothed to sleep by bugle calls.

First Call

Also known as Assembly of the Buglers, was used to wake the buglers and troops and was the first call of the day.

Put on overcoats. Sounded immediately after First Call if required.
The Reveille

Sounded for troops to make the morning roll call.
The Assembly

Sounded for troops to assemble in formation on the parade field for morning roll call, report and the Morning Colors ceremony.
To The Color

Sounded when raising the Standard. The Navy refers to this call as "Morning Colors" and was followed by the "carry on" signal on most Naval bases.
Mess Call

Sounded for the assembly of the troops for meals.
To Stable

Cavalry troops report to the stables to feed and groom their mounts.
Water Call

Horses receive water or detail to replenish camp's water supply.
Sick Call

Assembly of the sick for treatment.

Signals troops to police grounds, clean quarters or report to other work assignments.
Drill Call

Sounded to assemble on the drill field for instruction or drill.
Assembly of Guard

Sounded to post guard detail.

Sounded to post Orders of the Day.
This was a multipurpose signal and was used primarily to recall cadets to their barracks.

Sounded to report to classes.
Adjutants Call

Guard detail march to guardhouse.

Full Dress

Sounded for donning dress uniforms.

Sounded at 1000 hours for Sunday services.

Issue or Distributions

Troops would assemble to receive distributions.
Mail Call

Troops would assemble to receive mail.
1st Sergeants Call

Company First Sergeants report to H.Q. with duty assignments and roll call reports.
Officers Call

Sounded to call Officers to Head Quarters.
Captains Call

Traditionally sounded at 1430 hours. (2:30 P.M.)

Sounded as the flag was lowered during the evening assembly.

Secure the post and prepare for bed.
Call to Quarters

Sounded to prepare for lights out and bed check

Played as the last call of the day - to stop all talking and have lights out by the last note.


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Post subject:   PostPosted: Feb 12, 2006 - 04:57 AM

Some More:

Call to Arms


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