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Stormbird`s - Silver Star

Awarded on 09/09/2006
Presented by

Reasons: RP-Col-Stormbird distinguished himself during the period of 2 Oct 2005, to 2 Sep 2006, in the command echelons of the DFX Division. On 2 Oct 2005, RP-2Lt-Stormbird assumed command of DFX/COOP/1 Battalion. RP-2Lt-Stormbird set about organizing and publishing a DFX Battle Manual to comprehensively encompass all facets of DFX game play, which is still utilized to this date.

RP-2Lt-Stormbird then proposed and assisted in the design of the current EoM Reporting system utilized by Command HQ for organizational management. At the time of assuming command, the DFX Division consisted of three officers and four enlisted personnel. Through coordination and commitment to his position, the Battalion was expanded to twenty one enlisted personnel by 31 May 2006.

RP-Maj-Stormbird assumed command of the DFX/COOP Brigade on 11 June 2006. RP-Maj-Stormbird was additionally tasked to act as the DFX Division Commander due to RP-BG-Tuffy’s medical absence. Through his perseverance of high personal and professional standards, the DFX Division has continued to prosper, currently evolving into three COOP Companies and a COS Company, comprising thirty-one personnel.

His ongoing commitment to his duties and his Brigade has continued to make the DFX Division flourish into one of the premier Divisions of Raptor-Pack.

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