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Snipem`s - Distinguished Service Medal

Awarded on 12/07/2007
Presented by

Reasons: RP-LtC-Snipem distinguished himself during the period of 18 Nov 2007, to 7 Dec 2008, in the command echelons of the DFX Brigade. On 18 Nov 2007, RP-LtC-Snipem was tasked by RP Command Staff, to assist RP-1Lt-Dan in the reorganization and reforming of the TFD Brigade. RP-LtC-Snipem set about consulting with RP-1Lt-Dan and organizing the TFD Brigade’s needs, as well as the proficiencies and deficiencies of the Brigade. After assessing the Brigade in an objective manner, RP-LtC-Snipem coordinated with RP-1Lt-Dan in bringing dossiers and staff positions up to date. This entailed making detailed and time-consuming assessments of each member’s dossier for various issues to ensure they merited promotions and/or appointments. RP-LtC-Snipem’s ongoing and selfless commitment to this effort was accomplished in a timely and efficient manner, whereby enabling the reorganization of the Brigade to move forward as quickly and smoothly as possible. This accomplishment was especially conspicuous due to RP-LtC-Snipem taking on this duty in addition to the fact that RP-LtC-Snipem was currently working as the acting DFX Brigade commander, due to RP-Col-MarAJ’s leave of absence for family medical reasons. Through his perseverance and high personal and professional standards, the DFX and TFD Brigades continue to prosper. It is for these reasons that RP-LtC-Snipem’s gallantry and devotion to duties warrants the award of the Raptor-Pack Distinguished Service Medal. His actions and endeavors reflect great asset upon himself, his Division, and the Raptor-Pack Squad.

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