Saturday, October 20, 2018

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Rules for TFD 'Limited Lives' Games

1. You are allowed to receive 3 med's, the 4th time you die and you are out and then must wait at insert (you may move to a position to watch) You can NOT LEAVE THE GAME (unless you want to). If we start with 5 we can only accept 3 new players as back up. if we start with 8 it is locked .

2. Head Shots count as 1 Med and you may respawn .

3. Helicopter deaths DO NOT count you may respawn

4. Unrealistic para drops do not count. You may respawn ie: pop in and all die

4. if you are shot and time runs out and you do not receive a med you are out. you may watch

5. There will be NO ammo refills of any kind If you run out you may pick up a BG's Gun. yes this means NO med refills.(unless stated differently at start of map ie: slams needed)

6. If the entire team dies trying to med the map ends.

7. If you Do Not Follow Orders you are out . (Not expecting this to be a problem LOL)

8. Map Commander is in charge . This will be the player that picked the map. He/She will decide special situations

9. Deaths at insert DO NOT count

10. You MUST Have fun.

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