Wednesday, November 14, 2018

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TeamSpeak Server Rules

1. The English language MUST be used on TeamSpeak.   (You may talk in your Native language, if EVERYONE in the channel agrees).

2. Guests are defined as anyone registered with the Raptor-Pack.com web site who are not squad members.   Guests are only allowed on TeamSpeak when playing on RP servers.   Guests are not allowed to use the Raptor Pack TeamSpeak server for any purpose other than playing maps hosted on RP servers.

2. The Raptor Pack Code of Conduct rules apply to any and all channels created on the TeamSpeak server.   This means that all topics and language should be kept clean and of appropriate content for a family oriented squad.   Use of profanity is prohibited at all times and all RP members and guests MUST be treated with respect and courtesy.   Even when a member or guest is violating rules themselves and are about to be kicked or banned, it should still be done with courtesy and respect.

3. All Squad Members have the right and the responsibility to enforce the TeamSpeak regulations at all times.   If you find another member violating the rules in a minor fashion, remind them where they are. If they continue to do so, they will be kicked or banned pending Command investigation.   If the rules are being violated in a major fashion, the player is to be informed that they are done with TeamSpeak for the day and banned.   All incidents are to be reported immediately via the "Incident Report" form (The link for this form is located at the top, center of the home page of the Raptor Pack web site).   If you kick or ban a player for any reason, that reason must be used when kicking or banning occurs.   This means you must right click on players name and select the "Kick Player (With Reason)" option.   This gives you a field to input a reason for the action.   This should be used whenever a player is kicked from any channel at any time.   Also, if a player is banned for any reason, the player doing the banning must complete the Incident Report and include the names of all player present.   He must also direct all present players to complete one as well.

4. Players may be kicked for inactivity in an active channel after 60 minutes of inactivity. There are a maximum number of slots available per channel and anyone wanting to join a game that has a lot of players in it may encounter a "Channel Full" message. If this occurs, a player in the channel who is inactive for 15 minutes or longer may be kicked to make room for active players. Division Commanders and their authorized designees may kick inactive player on their channels at any time.

5. At any time, while on the TeamSpeak server, should you become aware of a situation developing between players, regardless of rank, that is escalating towards a problem ( i.e. language or subject matter ) it is the duty and responsibility of every squad member to intervene in such a situation and remind the participants of where and who they are, meaning members of the Raptor Pack on a public TeamSpeak server representing us to the public.   If the participants refuse to listen and curb their behaviour, then they will be kicked (with reason) and an incident form immediately submitted regarding the incident from each present member.

6. Private channels may be created and password protected to ensure that other players do not Stumble in on a private conversation.   This is to be used for any meetings, personal conversations, private training sessions, etc. No one should ever accidentally "walk" in on a private conversation.   ALL meetings MUST be held in private, password protected channels with appropriate channel names. (i.e. "TFD Division Meeting", "J.O. Command Meeting" etc.   Even a simple "Meeting" will suffice.).   Inappropriate or silly channel names will not be tolerated. This TeamSpeak server is representative of the Raptor Pack and is visited by guests as well as members and must reflect the image of the Squad that we want to project.

7. Registered users have the ability to move other users to other channels. This will never happen without the express consent of the person being moved, regardless of rank.   If you have the need to move someone from one channel to another, you must enter the channel the player is originally in and notify him/her of your desire to move them to another channel.   If the player agrees, you may then move them.   Since you should only need to move someone out of a channel in order to speak with them privately, they are going to have to join you in a private, password protected room and must join that room manually.   You cannot move someone into a password protected room since they must type in the password.

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