Tuesday, December 18, 2018

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Rules for DFX 'Limited Lives' Games (Revised)

1. You are only allotted one (1) life per mission. If you die, you are out of that mission.

You are allowed to utilize all med crates and the med pack if available.

(The objective is for you and your team-mates to all finish alive.)
1a. When you die, you are automatically placed in spectator mode.

(This setup requires game host to make temporary change to there game.cfg file)

You may move around and watch the game while in spectator mode, but you must refrain from giving any help to remaining players (i.e. Telling where enemies are, etc..)

You may leave your body at point of death for players to find G, but that is all the help you can give. Remember, you are dead.
1b. Otherwise you must stay at last spawn point and DO NOT engage the enemy.

Not even to defend yourself, remember, you are dead. No Detection Maps (only), if you die you are out.
2. You should not leave the game during the event unless you have to.

If you leave the game you will be placed in the player backup list if you return to the event.*
3. Event coordinator / planner will set the maximum number of players allowed in the game/mission.

If more players want to participate in the event than are allowed in game they will be placed on the backup list.

If a player in the mission dies, one(1) player from the backup list may then join in the mission.
4. Event coordinator / planner will also decide on the maps that will be used.

(Maps used should have a safe infiltration point so that players can make plans without being attacked.)
5. The equipment you select at the beginning of the map will be used throughout the game.

You will still be able to utilize all in game weapon crates.

You will only be able to select different equipment when a new mission is started.
6. If the entire team dies or the map ends, the host will cycle to the next mission.
7. If you Do Not Follow Orders you will be asked to leave that mission. (Not expecting this to be a problem.)*
8. The Map Commander is in charge .

This will be the Event coordinator / planner, unless they relinquish the position to someone else.

He/She will decide what happens when a special situation arises.*
9. But above all other rules, this one is the most important. You MUST Have fun!

Rules Subject to change with out prior notice

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