Tuesday, December 18, 2018

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Rules for Determining 'Map Commander'

1.Map commander is ALWAYS Map host, if present. Map host may relinquish map command of any given map by stating so and designating new map commander.
2. In hosts absence, the first person in the map has command of THAT map. This means a map that is already loaded with no players in it. Again, map commander may relinquish command and designate new commander to all present.
3.In hosts absence, at the start of new map the highest ranking RP member is map commander. This means when maps cycle, out of those present when new map loads, RP member with highest rank takes command. If there are 2 or more with same rank, the most senior takes command. (longest in rank) Again, map commander may relinquish command and designate new commander to all present.
4.In the event of a higher ranking RP player joining during the map (after map begins) that player will not take command until next map unless asked to do so by current map commander. He will never request current map commander relinquish command. He may take command only if there is no acting map commander.
5.RP player joining map will hold at start point and wait for orders from map commander before proceeding. This means both new maps and maps that have already begun. If you join a map in progress, hold at infil for orders.
6.Non-RP players will follow the same rules for map commander and will only have command of a map if designated by one of the above mentioned map commanders. Map commanders will ALWAYS be announced to joining players. If you haven't seen anyone do it, then do it yourself.
7.It is the responsibility of everyone joining a map to find out who the map commander is. When you join a map in progress, ask who is in command if you are not told immediately.
8. If anyone does not want to follow these rules, they will exit the map. Either by choice or with assistance.
9.These rules apply to all games, without exception. Team games (TKOTH, TDM, CTF, etc.) will have 2 commanders or one for each team. All players will follow map commanders instructions or face disciplinary action.

Rules Subject to change with out prior notice

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