Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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Server Rules (English)

We enforce the following code of conduct on our servers:

1. Swearing over any channel (typed or voice) will not be tolerated in any 'Raptor Pack' Server.

2. Scalpers will not be tolerated. A team's server is that team's exclusive domain and recruiting players in another team's server is the height of rudeness.

3. No LAG complaints. It's ok to say that you are having it hard today because you have some lag on your connection. However, constant harping and bad lag comments just distracts other players.

4. No flaming.

5. We do not allow base raping/camping on our servers.

6. Use of trainers, speed cheats, teleporting or anything else not facilitated in the game's original program is considered cheating and it will not be tolerated. Use of game glitches to assist you is a grey area, and while not "cheating", it's poor sportsmanship.

7. No Murdering.
Breach of any of the rules 1 through 5 will result in ONE warning. If it occurs again you will be punted from the server. You may return after being punted. However should the behaviour be repeated the result will be a ban until a public apology is posted on the 'Raptor Pack' forum.

Breach of rule 6 & 7 where it can be proved from multiple reports and/or screenshots, will result in a life time ban. Be warned that some peoples word will be good enough.

BAB.stats, AmboStats and BabStats Xtreme are enabled on all our servers, but are currently only maintained for 'Raptor Pack' squad members.

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