Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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Squad Rules (English)

Code of Conduct

1. As a member of the 'Raptor Pack', you are expected to conduct yourself with honor at all times on all servers. Unruly behavior will not be tolerated. Disrespect for members or guests on our server's will not be tolerated. As a member of 'Raptor Pack', you agree to treat others with respect and honor.

2. All members are expected to wear their tag when engaged in play on any Nova listed server. This identifies you as an official member of 'Raptor Pack'. If you do not wear it correctly, we will assume you no longer want to be a member and will take appropriate action.

3. No Negative postings will be allowed on the web site against Squad Members or Guests. If you are having a problem, you are to notify your immediate Ranking Officer (Squad Members) or the Command (Non Squad Members), who will handle it. We will not tolerate any breach of this code.

4. No foul language is accepted in the 'Raptor Pack' forum, on Team Speak, in Chat Rooms or in the games.

5. The 'Raptor Pack' adamantly detests the use of cheats, trainers and any game or connection modification that would intentionally create an unlevelled field of play. Any member caught and confirmed as cheating by their peers will be banned from the 'Raptor Pack' permanently.

6. When members become aware of rule violations of other members, they have a duty to the squad to report it. A fair and impartial investigation will be done by the Command to make sure the allegations are correct.

Membership Requirements

1. You must register on the 'Raptor Pack' website so you have access to the forum. You are expected to visit the Web site and make use of the forums.

2. You must have Teamspeak.

3. As a member of 'Raptor Pack', you agree that you will not be a member of any other squad playing the same games.

There are times when you will require a leave of absence. If you need to take an absence, it is your responsibility to make a posting in the Squad Register.

Inactivity Policy

A member will be considered "inactive" 6 months from the date that they last logged onto the web site.

If a member has requested a "Leave of Absence", then this will be extended to 12 months.

When the 'Raptor Pack' Command determines a member is inactive, the member will receive a MIA Discharge from 'Raptor Pack'.

Disciplinary Actions

Maintaining discipline usually is not a problem within a environment where reasonable rules and standards of conduct and performance are clearly communicated and consistently and equitably enforced. Situations may arise in any environment, however, where disciplinary action is necessary. In these instances, the Command’s options, in order of least severe to most severe, include:

Oral admonishment.
or a combination of the above.

Fallen Members