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Author Message
Post subject: First Aid Test #3  PostPosted: Jan 06, 2006 - 07:05 AM

First Aid Test #3

Mail Test answers to:


include your RP-Sgt-Game Name
such as RP-WO3-DianeHaught

your score and results will be mailed to you .
Raptor-Pack members will
be awarded First Aid badges for
your dossier for scores of 80% or better.

1. What are Laxatives used to prevent?

A. Headache
B. Indigestion
C. Constipation
D. Heartburn

2. Antibiotics are used as a treatment against which type of infection?

A. Bacterial
B. Fungal
C. Parasitic
D. Viral

3. How do antacids work ?

A. Neutralise stomach acid
B. Treat Constipation
C. Treat Headaches
D. Treat Gallstones

4. Which drug type is used to treat Allergies ?

A. Angalgesics
B. Anthistamines
C. Antibiotics
D. Diuretics

5. Diabetes mellitis is treated by the use of:

A. Adrenalin
B. Glucagon
C. Oestrogen
D. Insulin

6. What are anti-emetic drugs used to prevent ?

A. Indigestion
B. Headache
C. Constipation
D. Vomiting

7. Temazepam is used to treat:

A. Muscular tension
B. Kidney infection
C. Migraine
D. Insomnia

8. From which plant is digitalis obtained ?

A. Deadly nightshade
B. Belladonna
C. Mushroom
D. Foxglove

9. Nicotinic acid, a form of niacin is also known as which vitamin?

A. B12
B. B6
C. B2
D. B3

10. What is the generic name for valium ?

A. Librium
B. Lithium
C. Diazepam
D. Temazepam

11. Which of the following conditions is very rarely inherited by females ?

A. Albinism
B. Haemophilia
C. Cystic Fibrosis
D. Dyslexia

12. Pethadine is a drug mainly used to relieve the pain of:

A. Labour
B. Migraine
C. Rheumatism
D. Arthritis

13. Narcolepsy is a disorder associated with:

A. Parkinsons
B. Drug Dependency
C. Epilepsy
D. Sleep

14. Quinine is obtained from the bark of which tree ?

A. Eucalyptus
B. Cinchona
C. Willow
D. Yew

15. Chest pain from all except one of the following may be hard to distinguish?

A. Diverticulitis
B. Acid reflux
C. Heart attack

16. Reflux/heartburn may get worse with which foods ?

A. Jello
B. Water
C. Chocolate, alcohol, spearmint

17. What symptom requires an upper gi series x-ray examination?

A. Rectal bleeding
B. Pain or difficulty swallowing
C. Bloating

18. Who performs gastroscopy and provides medical consultation?

A. Proctologist
B. Intern
C. Gastroenterologist

19. Hiatus hernia means the stomach is above the....?

A. Intestine
B. Heart
C. Diaphragm

20. Which condition requires followup endoscopy at 1-2 year intervals?

A. Hiatus hernia
B. Barrett's esophagus
C. Heartburn

21. Which condition has a higher risk of cancer ?

A. Duodenal ulcer
B. Hiatus hernia
C. Chronic H. pylori gastritis

22. Smoking increases the risk in which conditions?

A. Ulcer disease
B. Gallstones
C. esophagitis

23. Which foods are most likely to cause gas discomfort...?

A. Lean Turkey
B. Cabbage, Onion, Pickle, Bean
C. Pasta

24. Cardiovascular risk factors include all except... ?

A. Low HDL,LDL>190
B. Smoking
C. Stress Ulcer

25. Which is a risk factor for colon cancer?

A. Family history of colon polyps
B. Family history of lactose intolerance
C. Family history of diverticulosis

26. What symptom requires a sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy examination?

A. Heartburn
B. Gas
C. Rectal bleeding

27. What symptom requires a colonoscopy examination?

A. Heartburn
B. Gas
C. Rectal bleeding

28. Who performs colonoscopy with polyp removal and provides medical consultation?

A. Proctologist
B. Intern
C. Gastroenterologist

29. What is the interval one can wait to have a followup colonoscopy after polyp removal?

A. 3-5 years
B. 1 year
C. 10 years

30. Which condition requires followup colonoscopy 6-12 months after surgery?

A. Colon Cancer
B. Diverticulosis
C. Hemorrhoids


31. Which condition has a higher risk of colon cancer 7-10 years after diagnosis ?

A. Ulcer
B. Pancreatitis
C. Ulcerative colitis

32. Family history increases the risk in which conditions?

A. Hypertension
B. Parent with cancer < 60 years old
C. Heart attack

33. Positive stool blood test is always due to ...?

A. Visible blood
B. Hemorrhoids
C. Hemoglobin

34. How can you decrease your risk of getting colon cancer?

A. Follow the cancer society guidelines of screening
B. Ignore symptoms that only happen once
C. Eat a low fiber, high fat diet

Medical Information
It is not the intention of Raptor-Pack to provide specific medical advice but rather to provide users with information to better understand their health and their diagnosed disorders. Specific medical advice will not be provided, and Raptor-Pack urges you to consult with a qualified physician for diagnosis and for answers to your personal questions and specific medical advice




"I'd rather regret something I did, than regret never doing it at all"
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