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Post subject: Introduction of JObotZ  PostPosted: Aug 30, 2005 - 03:44 PM

Welcome to the world of brand new bots for Joint Operations. You all know them from before, they were the fellows just standing there waiting to be shot. No match for any serious player. Well, that should change. Itís not a shame to be shot by a bot, if its one of the JObotZ!

JObotZ will play TKOTH or AAS and one time, they will bring COOP play to a brand new level. The JObotZ program is designed to be safe to run on servers, and no need to run them on the clients. It works with dedicated and serve & play mode also.

This program was started by me, to bring the community what other games have; opposition to play with, when there isnít any around; that a few players can have more company, to make big battles even bigger, and to give mappers new possibilities in controlling NPCís.

This program was fun to start making, hard work to get it here where is now, and Iíll need some help to finish. Mappers are to think about, what great bot-battles are there to tell? Will the players play major role in them? Will the players be squad-leaders commanding squads of bots?

You will find that using this program is easy. The mapper has to set-up bots in his map, run a small utility, then get into game, and teach the bots where they should go. Itís nothing verbal; itís just taking a walk across your map, to all the important places in it. The program will calculate the rest. No serious need to learn new mapping skills.

Some technical features:
    Path-finding based on A* algorithm , which serves well lots of todayís games
    Tracking of player actions and learning from them
    AI behaviors: TKOTH; holding the PSP, finding hidden players in the zone; AAS; defending the PSP, finding invading players; spread out, attacking enemy PSP
    Following basic player orders; following player, guarding area
    Automatically loading/saving collected information at map change (no manual intervention needed)
    Java program for easy expansion

As I said this is a work in progress. You will like what it has to offer now, but it isnít complete yet.

    There are lots of bugs and limitations:
    As a first release, it has many bugs of which I havenít thought of
    Bots cannot capture PSP's, and donít respawn at these points either, they donít count into TKOTH zone time
    They donít use vehicles or emplaced weapons
    More bugs and limitationsÖ
Things planned:
    Vehicles and emplaced weapons
    More AI behavior options
    More control to the map-maker; scripting scenarios; controlling AI behaviors; possibly an editing tool for that
    Air and sea vehicles

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