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Thursday, April 09, 2020

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Author Message
Command Staff
Post subject: Command addresses concerns  PostPosted: Nov 25, 2007 - 04:36 PM

Raptor Pack was formed to gather people of like mind together to enjoy the games we play. Like mind means those who have the same desires for their gaming environment and the type of people they play those games with. We want people who play an honest game, are considerate of their teammates in the maps with them as well as those on our web site, courteous to others at all times and honorable above all. In short, people we would invite into our own home, people we could call friends.

Those who fit in the squad are not the many, but the few. They are the ones there to med you when you need it, cover you whenever they can, always play the game the way it was meant to be played. They are the people you turn to for help when you have computer issues or map making problems or need a graphic done or just need an ear or advice. They are supportive and understanding. They are loyal and caring. They are good people. They are team players. They are our friends and family. They are you.

They are not petty and squabbling, bickering with each other and calling each other foul names when they disagree. They are not selfish and hurtful, ruining game play for others in the map by gun bunnying or intentionally losing the mission and trying to make others feel small or stupid. They are not critical and divisive by making posts that are intended to cause disruption and disgruntlement or casting blame for a perceived slight or fault. They don't get offended, angry and foul mouthed when you approach them about a problem instead of trying to understand and resolve it maturely and fairly. They do not blindly believe rumors, gossip or one side of a problem or facilitate the spreading of them. They do not try to tear down what others have built instead of being supportive of it.

For those of you who fit into the first category, you are the ones who make this squad what it is and you will always have a home here. You are the ones the Raptor Pack was made for. You are the ones we are proud to stand beside and honored to call friends.

For those that fit in the second category, behavior of this type will not be tolerated by the Raptor Pack. If this is how you behave or feel, then you need to tender your resignations now and save us the trouble of doing it for you. Foul language directed at another member or in Raptor Pack servers or on TeamSpeak or on the web site in any form will get you dismissed immediately and without regret. Retaliating with foul language against another member who has done so to you will have the same result. There is no excuse for that type of behavior in this squad. You should never respond to any email, PM, instant message or posting in anger. If it contains abusive material, forward it to Command Staff and justice will be swift and final. Wait until you cool down to reply and do so with the kind of person you are in mind, not as the kind of person the offender wants to make you.

Regardless of what any may think, the Command Staff does not like to see members leave, especially those who have contributed their time and efforts to make the squad a better place for the rest of us. When this happens, as it inevitably does and will, rest assured it is not because we desire it. We do not just ignore our members and their ideas, opinions or comments. We listen and try to satisfy the needs of each of our members as long as they do not interfere with what we feel is best for the squad. Every action we take is with the good of the entire squad in mind. Anyone who doubts this is free to leave at any time and we wish you luck wherever you go, and, as long as you haven't violated any of our rules and are not a divisive influence, you will be welcome in our servers and on the web site.

The Command Staff is dedicated to this Squad and we hope you are too.

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