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Author Message
Post subject: computer shuts dowm  PostPosted: Jan 05, 2006 - 06:06 PM

it restarts by itself no virus found i get on 10 mins maybe it restarts does any body have a clue im in ahhh over this one
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Post subject:   PostPosted: Jan 05, 2006 - 06:54 PM

Major General
Could be a couple of things. Usually, it denotes a overheating of either the power supply, or the CPU. When you turn on your system, pay close attention to the fan in your power supply. If it has ceased-up, then your system will probably reset in a few minutes as the power supply is automatically shutting down to keep from frying. If the CPU is overheating, that could be serious. AMD processors will fry themselves in seconds if the cooling fan stops and may take the motherboard with them. P4's aren't much better. My guess would be the power supply.
It's also possible that your power supply may be resetting due to too much load. If you've recently added a new sound card, video card, hard drive, or combination of them, your power supply may not have enough *umph" to power everything sufficiently... so it shuts down. If that's the case, a new PS is in order and I would recommend the biggest thing you can fit into the case, preferably a 450W-to-600W PS. The cost would probably be around $60-to-$120, depending on what you buy, and from where. check the PS first before going and buying one. If you're not "computer guts inclined" drop to a local computer tech you trust, and have them order one and install it. Probably run a few dollars more for installation, but at least it's fixed.

As far as possible software issues go. It could be a video/sound driver incompatibility. Have you recently updated your drivers?? This can sometimes cause the system to reset after a few minutes. My experience has been (if that was the issue) the video or sound would do strange things first (screen would "quiver" or distort, or the sounds would suddenly stop, glitch or give a REALLY nasty high-pitched tone) and suddenly I was rebooting for no apparent reason. Reinstallation of the drivers, or "rolling back" to the old driver usually cures this issue.
Hope this helps.


Those that have never known fear, have never known ME.
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Post subject:   PostPosted: Jan 05, 2006 - 07:20 PM

thanks the cooling fan had a peice of wraper from the factory in it that causeed the cpu water cooler to shut down i hope that it didnt hurt anything else thanks again i feel good again
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