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Barracks - Its Time To Pay The Piper (aka Officers Step Up)

Steve2000 - Aug 02, 2008 - 11:51 AM
Post subject: Its Time To Pay The Piper (aka Officers Step Up)
Oane and I have commiserated over the lack of esprit de corp being demonstarted by the officers and thought perhaps the chance to take a shot legitimately at us might just be what the doctor ordered so we have a proposition for you (note Bob that is a proposition not a solicitation).

We would like to have a mini-match (not the full bore Golden Globe unless of course the enlisted win and then well you know) between the enlisted and the officers. Smile

Oane will post the details in a separate post but realize that we have to get the chain of command involved because who are we anyways (Snipem taught me that) but hope that without them having to hold too many meetings they might see the value in such a training exercise and assign one of their many surplus officers to the task of heading up the match. Very Happy

Look forward as always to the articulate responses that the officers are known for (that GryHorse is known as an oxymoron - articulate response and officer in the same sentence).

One change I think the rank and file would like so as to inject some reality into the match - it doesn't have to be even numbers on each side as I am not quite sure the logic of making the poor enlisted guys pay for the lower morale demonstrated by our much beloved officers / leaders.

Let the responses begin.
BobMarley - Aug 02, 2008 - 01:20 PM
Post subject:
Everyone knows that the NCO's really run things so set it up Steve and we will be there with brass on.
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