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Barracks - Tips For Buying Lemons (The Fruit!)

CheeseBall - Jan 05, 2008 - 11:08 AM
Post subject: Tips For Buying Lemons (The Fruit!)
Most of the nation's commercial lemon supply comes from California and Arizona and is available year-round.

Look for: Lemons with a rich yellow color, reasonably smooth-textured skin with a slight gloss, and those which are firm and heavy. A pale or greenish-yellow color means very fresh fruit with slightly higher acidity. Coarse or rough skin texture is a sign of thick skin and not much flesh.

Avoid: Lemons with a darker yellow or dull color, or with hardened or shriveled skin (signs of age), and those with soft spots, mold on the surface, and punctures of the skin (signs of decay).

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