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Barracks - RP-MG-Stormbird's RP End of Year Comments

MarAJ - Jan 01, 2008 - 06:15 AM
Post subject: RP-MG-Stormbird's RP End of Year Comments
RP I am so proud of what you have done, in 3 years, with so many and in such a well respected manner around the globe. I speak often in my military circles, with civilian counterparts and with other gaming members about our great squad and games. After 2 decades of training, 1 decade of competition at the worldwide level in combat tactics, shooting, navigation, patrolling and leadership I entered the DF2 world and never looked back......I am only strengthened tactically, conceptually and have a greater awareness of our advisaries abilities thanks to our games. After trying Halo3 with a friend/neighbor I think we have the best/most realistic game on the gaming block.

Stormbirds post is an awesome set of standards, achievements and goals YOU have atained over these past 3 years. I am proud to be RP and cant wait to see how much you have grown when I return from Iraq in Sept.

Thank You all for your dedication, friendship and especially TEAMWORK as we achieve our goals together! Thank You Stormbird for your leadership and great depiction of our Squads History, taking us proudly into the future!

Sincerely AJ
RP Col MarAJ
Happy New Year ALL!
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