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Command Staff - Dec 03, 2007 - 07:09 AM
Post subject: Posts containing links to illegal material
Raptor Pack does not condone or allow the posting of illegal material or links to them. Pirated movies are illegal and posting information about them, links to them, streaming or directly to file, is not allowed.

This is a dishonorable practice and will not be tolerated in this Squad. For those of you who may not realize what they are doing, any movie that appears to have been videotaped by someone with a camcorder in a theater is a pirated movie. Any movie you watch without paying for is, most usually, pirated. This is why the links for them tend to disappear after a short time.

Any member of this Squad or web site posting links to illegal material or sharing information on how to get it on this site will be removed from the Squad and/or denied access to the web site and TeamSpeak. This notice serves as your only warning. Thank you.

Please address any complaints, comments, questions or concerns to RP-LtG-Corsair9 at commandstaff@raptor-pack.com for prompt handling.

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