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Thoran - Jul 24, 2006 - 09:19 AM
Post subject: Server online block
I was wondering why my server, which is dedicated and running nearly 24/7, disappears from the list?
Sometimes if I shut down my stats and restart them it will show up again in the block.
Just a puzzle for me.
Cally - Jul 24, 2006 - 10:07 AM
Post subject:
The servers online block takes its data from the stats ............

If the stats have been updated with the hosts "Status" ..... it will display the info ...... and if it hasnt been updated ........ it wont.

Therefore ........ If your server isnt being displayed in the servers online block (I have it setup to display after 1 min ...... so you may need to refresh) ..... then it is your uploader that has crashed out.

I dont know the reason why it would crash out ...... although, in DFX DF Mod ...... If the map takes too long to load ...... the uploader thinks the game has stopped and will stop uploading the Status ..... It will still show that everything is alright.

The solution, is to stop and restart your uploader ....
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