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Stormbird - May 11, 2006 - 05:43 AM
Post subject: Internet Animations & Zone Alarm Pro
Just in case anyone has noticed that their animated GIF files on our site have stopped working... And you have Zone Alarm Pro installed as a firewall... You might want to read this.

I recently installed Zone Alarm Pro Security Suite on my computer. It works great, but in some ways it worked TOO well. I noted last week that my animated GIF files on our site didn't animate. (You know, like the birthday cake for member's birthdays; the flags on the Squad Roster, etc.) Well it took a while to figure it out. After sorting through Windows and IE7, all looked correct. The problem was finally found to be Zone Alarm Pro. So, if you too have this problem, here's what you do to resolve the problem.

Open up your Zone Alarm Pro, and click on the "PRIVACY" tab.

At the top tabs, click on the "Site List" tab.

On the Site List, locate RAPTOR-PACK.COM.

Below the list of sites, you'll see a box titled "Entry Detail" with Raptor-Pack.com and it's details about the site. To the right of that box, click on the "OPTIONS" button.

Another menu box will pop open titled "Site Options". Click on the center tab at the top titled "Ad Blocking."

Now, you will have a box on that tab titled "Ads to Block" with three checkboxes. The third checkbox is for "Animations." UNCHECK THAT BOX!!! Go down to the lower right corner and click on APPLY, the click on OK. Close out of Zone alarm Pro.

Start your internet browser and things should be animating now!!

Hope this helps somebody to keep from pulling their hair out (mine is already gone, as you've probably noticed, lol).

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