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Command Notice Board - TeamSpeak Use - Please Read

Command Staff - Apr 01, 2006 - 12:30 PM
Post subject: TeamSpeak Use - Please Read
Any TS Registered Squad Member can kick or ban players. Remember to use it appropriately, but don't be afraid to use it for those who abuse OUR TS.

We also had members posting the TS IP Addy and Port for non-members to join without coming through the web site......This will stop.

Non-squad members will not be allowed to camp on TS and will be kicked (not banned) when not actively playing in an RP server with RP squad members present.

If a member is idle for an extended amount of time and not actively playing, the idle member maybe kicked when the server hits 25 players or more to insure room for other players.

Remember, TS is a privilege...
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