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Cally - Feb 11, 2006 - 03:29 PM
Post subject: Bugle Calls
Audible signals have been used as a means of communications for centuries. In the military, troops were awaken, notified to assemble and soothed to sleep by bugle calls.

<TR><TD WIDTH="20%"><A HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_firstcall.wav" target = "_blank">First Call</A> <br><br><br>
<TD WIDTH="59%">Also known as Assembly of the Buglers, was used to wake the buglers and troops and was the first call of the day.
<TR><TD><a HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_overcoats.wav" target = "_blank">Overcoats</a><br><br><br>
<TD>Put on overcoats. Sounded immediately after First Call if required.
<TR><TD><a HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_reveille.wav" target = "_blank">The Reveille</a><br><br><br>
<TD>Sounded for troops to make the morning roll call.
<TR><TD><a HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_assembly.wav" target = "_blank">The Assembly</a><br><br><br>
<TD>Sounded for troops to assemble in formation on the parade field for morning roll call, report and the Morning Colors ceremony.
<TR><td><A HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_colors.wav" target = "_blank">To The Color</A><br><br><br>
<TD>Sounded when raising the Standard. The Navy refers to this call as "Morning Colors" and was followed by the "carry on" signal on most Naval bases.
<TR><TD><a HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_mess.wav" target = "_blank">Mess Call</a><br><br><br>
<TD>Sounded for the assembly of the troops for meals.
<TR><TD><a HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_stable.wav" target = "_blank">To Stable</a><br><br><br>
<TD>Cavalry troops report to the stables to feed and groom their mounts.
<TR><TD><a HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_water.wav" target = "_blank">Water Call</a><br><br><br>
<TD>Horses receive water or detail to replenish camp's water supply.
<TR><TD><a HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_sick.wav" target = "_blank">Sick Call</a><br><br><br>
<TD>Assembly of the sick for treatment.
<TR><TD><a HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_fatigue.wav" target = "_blank">Fatigue</a><br><br><br>
<TD>Signals troops to police grounds, clean quarters or report to other work assignments.
<TR><TD><a HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_drill.wav" target = "_blank">Drill Call</a><br><br><br>
<TD>Sounded to assemble on the drill field for instruction or drill.
<TR><TD><a HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_asemb-guard.wav" target = "_blank">Assembly of Guard</a><br><br><br>
<TD>Sounded to post guard detail.
<TR><TD><a HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_orders.wav" target = "_blank">Orders</a><br><br><br>
<TD>Sounded to post Orders of the Day.
<TD>This was a multipurpose signal and was used primarily to recall cadets to their barracks.
<TR><TD><a HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_school.wav" target = "_blank">School</a><br><br><br>
<TD>Sounded to report to classes.
<TR><TD><a HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_adjutants.wav" target = "_blank">Adjutants Call</a><br><br><br>
<TD>Guard detail march to guardhouse.
<TR><TD><P><a HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_fulldress.wav" target = "_blank">Full Dress</a><br><br><br>
<TD>Sounded for donning dress uniforms.
<TR><TD><a HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_church.wav" target = "_blank">Church</a><br><br><br>
<TD>Sounded at 1000 hours for Sunday services.
<TR><TD><P><a HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_issue.wav" target = "_blank">Issue or Distributions</a><br><br><br>
<TD>Troops would assemble to receive distributions.
<TR><TD><a HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_mail.wav" target = "_blank">Mail Call</a><br><br><br>
<TD>Troops would assemble to receive mail.
<TR><TD><a HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_sgts.wav" target = "_blank">1st Sergeants Call</a><br><br><br>
<TD>Company First Sergeants report to H.Q. with duty assignments and roll call reports.
<TR><TD><a HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_officers.wav" target = "_blank">Officers Call</a><br><br><br>
<TD>Sounded to call Officers to Head Quarters.
<TR><TD><a HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_capt.wav" target = "_blank">Captains Call</a><br><br><br>
<TD>Traditionally sounded at 1430 hours. (2:30 P.M.)
<TR><TD><a HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_retreat.wav" target = "_blank">Retreat</a><br><br><br><TD>Sounded as the flag was lowered during the evening assembly.
<TR><TD><a HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_tattoo.wav " target = "_blank">Tattoo</a><br><br><br><TD>Secure the post and prepare for bed.
<TR><TD><a HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_to_quarters.wav" target = "_blank">Call to Quarters</a><br><br><br><TD>Sounded to prepare for lights out and bed check<TR><TD><a HREF="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_taps.wav" target = "_blank">Taps</a><br><br><br><TD>Played as the last call of the day - to stop all talking and have lights out by the last note.

Cally - Feb 12, 2006 - 04:57 AM
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Some More:

<a href="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_calltoarms.wav" target = "_blank">Call to Arms</a>

<a href="../multimedia/audio/buglecalls/_charge.wav" target = "_blank">Charge</a>
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