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novaworld1 - Feb 16, 2012 - 12:03 PM
Post subject: hi raptor pack from novaworld1
hi raptor-pack hope you are well and gaming hard

like to introduce ourselfs to you

we are a central database for all things novaworld for maps/mod we work with some of the mod makers like aw2 and we stock all there updates and are offically linked to some of the mods makers like aw2

we currently have over 13000+ maps in stock and we are ever growing on that front we are sent new maps weekly guests are welcome to download the maps
it's always better to be a member as you are then not restricted and can download as many as you wish we cover all map types if we don't have a map type you have them pop a post and we will add it to the site Smile

your squad is very welcome to register or if you are just a player who enjoys mapping then we want your work aswell from squads to single players we welcome you all and you can by all means if you wish add a link to our site
which you can use this one
we always look after those that do this with vip passes once you register as a thankyou just let us know once you have joined Smile

well keep enjoying the game

if you feel this is spam then by all means remove this post and sorry for bothering you we don't like spam ourselfs but we are spreading our wings and letting many squads who we are as sadly theres not many homes ofr maps and mods for joint ops but we are alive and growing very well
novaworld1 - Feb 17, 2012 - 12:01 PM
Post subject:
hi raptor squad
thank you so very much for adding our tag to your site
and we hope to see some of you soon Smile

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