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Mr.Death - Sep 19, 2011 - 08:11 PM
Post subject: Howdy All
Well i have not been to the site much as of late. I just got my new computer up and running...ASUS 6 core , 8 MB memory 2 GB video card and 1 TB HD. It will run any game on the market .... right now. What is everyone playing these days as far as war games go ? I will get the new COD when it comes out later this year.
SLAG - Sep 22, 2011 - 04:34 PM
Post subject:
Hiya, Mr. D!

MY two latest, for awesome graphics, and lots of action:


(BattleField2: Allied Intent Xtended or AIX Mod)

FUN, FUN, FUN . . . always full servers, you get AI Bots on your team, and they fight like Humans, too. It is total action, action, action!
Noisy, too, lol. MY Clan has its own Server: "SG Mercenaries"



(Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising)

REALLY KILLER GRAPHICS, and most PCs won't even run it . . . kinda hard, tho, the BG's are defenders, and dug in . . . downside to OF:DR: Only Four Slots, but you get AI Bots, if less than 4 are playing. Tough Game to learn, too, but, AWESOME graphics . . . we play this via VPN (online LAN simulator)

Google some YouTube Videos on BF2:AIX . . . they have some really neat stuff out there. And some really funny productions, too. Like "The Pwned Life, lol . . . and "mine" . . . go look, you'll laugh yer a$$ off, I did!

OK, good luck, and be seeing you, Mr. D!

SLAG (of the SG Mercenaries Clan)
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