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Barracks - Howdee all, puter stuff

CheeseBall - Aug 01, 2011 - 12:06 PM
Post subject: Howdee all, puter stuff

Vacation was great, my boss at my job sent me some files, .xls and all
for me to work on and guess what, crashed my whole computer. So I am
down for right now except for old reliable laptop, so TFD is on. Been playing for the last week.

Computer is in shop, total reload, will have to reinstall everything.
The best part is, I left that company and have a new position with a
company called Kerry. They are international and seem to be very
stable, and the money is good, and it is 7 minutes from my house.

Will be looking in the very near future to build my own pc since upgrading
the one I have, the pc guy said, it would be difficult being the size of
video cards and such. I have an HP M9040N, nice but he said hard to
upgrade space and all.

Sorry for not being on as much, money tight and all, miss all, and I messed up my mic headset, stepped on it. Hope to see you very soon
should be back up in a couple days. I will be on third shift 10pm till 6 or so am.

Hugs and kisses lol

Phoenix - Aug 01, 2011 - 03:28 PM
Post subject:
you hosting cheese i might have to fire up my old unit
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