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SLAG - Oct 20, 2010 - 07:05 PM
Post subject: RP COOP Server
Hey guys . . .

Sorry to bother you so much . . .BUT! (LOL) I Cain't He'p IT!

IMO, (I hear ya, 'here we go" wahh wahh . . . I'm a whiner . . . YUP!)

the COOP server has maps up that run ppl out, instead of keepin' them in the Server . . . it is runnin' them out, lol . . . like "Bloody Gully" fer instance.

Just a sorta "heads up" for the ones responsible for the maps in rotation.

Gotta load up maps that have the Player in mind . . . ummm, Area 51 is a good example, and Explosive Ambush, too. Might put up some of them Old Single Player Maps that have been "Re Worked" . . . just an idea.

Maybe I am an Old "Stat Whore" or a, ehh, what they call a "COOP Queen" LOVE it when they say that, lol.. . . lol. I got a buncha COOP wingmen, lol! I can go in, and within minutes, I got ppl joining to "help out" . . . I love the team work thing, by golly!

Oh, and BTW, The Raptor Intitiative Map is a good one, too.

OK, I sometimes go, into a map, just because nobody is in it, to Stealth the whole map, Hell, I'm a Special Operator, and, THAT, my O'l Fightin' Friends, is the Base Terminology behind "SPECIAL OPS" . . .

i.e. SO . . . i.e SO Mod, and the fact that (and I quote):

"a few exceptionally trained, highly motivated, well paid group of individuals, specially equipped with the latest technologically advanced weaponry, can, and will, with extreme prejudice, defeat a vastly outnumbering enemy force, thru subversive tactics, guerilla warfare, and, generally 'F+ckin the f+ckin f+ckers before the f+ckers f+ck you!' " (As I learned it from a 20+ year Navy Seal Vet) {Cpt. Richard Marcinko USN, Ret}

You look it up, lol, I already did, long ago . . .

OK, rant over . . . sorry if it was offensive, lol, not meant to be, at all!
(what they call "constructive criticism" I think, heh, heh . . .)

Raptor Pack ROCKS! And DF:SX SOMod Rules!

(Almost to the front page of RP's Stat's, my Brother, Tacamo, 28th, at the moment!)

Cally - Oct 21, 2010 - 03:07 PM
Post subject:
Thank you for the observations.

Our default map cycle has a proven history of solid, stable maps ..... this cycle can be adjusted to suit our members tastes ..... by our members .... whenever they wish.

Maps are added to the server whenever suitable ones are found (we run an affiliate version of the DFX software, so quite a few Maps will not run).

Testing of uploaded Maps are done by our members and if any are not stable/suitable ..... they will recommend that they are deleted from the server.

If you have experienced any unstable maps .... a member may have activated a map tagged for deletion ...... or you joined a server while Maps were tested ....

either way ...... blame LouSirr .... lol
SLAG - Oct 21, 2010 - 04:19 PM
Post subject:
heh, heh, good one . . . "blame Lou"

Thnks Cally Unit, 'preciate the info on the Server Policy.

But, what I was talkin' about, is somethin totally different. The maps where a player, solo, has almost no chance at all . . . like Bloody Gully.

I guess I got spoiled, with easier maps, (Area 51 is one of my favorites) and I am probly just bein a whiney butt, here, lol.

Also, I mighta not even shoulda posted, because the LAST thing I wanna do is criticize RP . . .

No, not at all, it has been my home since the SGMod died out, the SG Crew moved on to newer games, with way better graphics . . . I tried a coupla them, Rainbow6, and GhostRecon:AdvancedWarfare2 . . . REALLY GOOD GRAPHICS. I mean, wow, with my new PC and all, REALLY COOL!
But, they are are COD style maps, trapped in a hallway/street/alley/bldg . . .

Nope, not my style, heh, heh, my fayorite style is SO Style, room to manuever, lol . . . and on your own, you have the option to flank 'em, suprise 'em, and/or sneak up behind ALL the BG's with a little bit of work . . . STEALTHY work, I admit, sneaky sneaky, heh, heh.

Overall, I must say, in closing, that the RP COOP Server is "ALL GOOD" and 2 thumbs up! As my UK bro's tell me, "No Worries, Mate!"

Thanks, RP Gang, fer puttin' up with me, lol . . .

SLAG Unit, over and out!
LouSirr - Oct 21, 2010 - 08:55 PM
Post subject:
Sorry if you don't like some of the missions put in the cycle Slag. I always try to keep a mix of hard maps and not so hard maps. In the future I will try to be more considerate of what other people want. Just so you know, I am not the only one with access to the missions. If you want something different, just let me know what, and I will try to do it.

SLAG - Oct 22, 2010 - 02:39 PM
Post subject:
Cool, thanks, Lou, Sir!

Not that I am complaining, just at times the maps, well, they will sit there for hours, with no one "brave" enuff, lol, to try and go in and clean it up, heh, heh.

Myself, included . . . and as far as requests, I got a request for a map from PBG, it's a year old or so, called Ghost Town, if I can get a copy of it, I'll make sure I can letya have it, it's a great map, and still do able on one's own (well, kinda).

Also, I got one or two from LVC (Las Vegas Command) that are actually original DF:X Single Player Maps, that have been re-worked, with permission, of course, and they are free to download, at the LVC Site. They added some Neat stuff, and spiced up some old "favorites" . . . or made em harder, lol.

OK, I'll make a list, a short one, heh, heh, in my spare time, and fire it back atya, and see if any of them are available, or, in the "Library" if you will, lol.


SLAG - Oct 23, 2010 - 10:50 PM
Post subject:
WEll, I heard back from Maw PBG, and she said NO, they have a policy of NOT allowing their maps to be downloaded to the "public" . . . didn't think I or RP for that matter, was PUBLIC!

Oh well, I'll keep looking, and working on my request list . . .

DF:X ROCKS, and Raptor Pack RULES!

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