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LouSirr - May 10, 2010 - 08:43 PM
Post subject: Computer Help
Have a new computer with Windows 7. I am having trouble getting Team speak to work. Every time I try to connect, I get a socket error 11004.
Looked this up and there are about a dozen things that could be wrong.
Does anyone have experience with this?

Swoop - May 10, 2010 - 09:09 PM
Post subject:
Lou , found this on the TEAMSPEAK SUPPORT LINE , hope this helps sir:

Teamspeak Support :: Unable to connect, socket error 11004.
If you get an error "Socket Error 11004" when trying to connect, there are a lot of different causes and solutions possible.

1.The first thing to verify is that your address field is correctly filled.

a.Open your connection window in teamspeak and verify that your address does not have any spaces, unwanted caracters or missing caracters.

b.Common errors is to copy and paste the address with a trailing space or forgetting to put the port in the address.

2.Verify your address format

a.The address should look like this: IP.IP.IP.IP:PORT or ADDRESS:PORT

b.The port an IP is provided in your account.

3.In some cases the problem is a DNS issue

a.If you are using the domain name to connect, for example "ts2.light-speed.com:9999", try using the IP address instead.

4.Another commun cause is the firewalls and anti virus.

a.Try closing all your firewalls/anti-virus and then try to connect to your teamspeak server.

b.If you are now able to connect, it means that your firewall or anti-virus is blocking the port to connect to your teamspeak server. You need to find the option in your firewall where you can open that specific port.

KoolOne - May 11, 2010 - 07:43 AM
Post subject:
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LouSirr - May 11, 2010 - 08:29 AM
Post subject:
Thanks Swoop, I will give this stuff a try.

Will let you know if it works.

LouSirr - May 11, 2010 - 08:47 AM
Post subject:
Got it working, it was the windows firewall.
Thanks again Swoop.
Now if I can get Wolfrat to work I will be ready to go.

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