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Joint Operations - Need help installing JO ICE mod

BatGurl - Oct 15, 2009 - 07:28 PM
Post subject: Need help installing JO ICE mod
I need help installing. is it the same way it always have been copy jo and paste in the nova folder then install in to the fresh copy of JO.? I'm lost could some please help me
Cally - Oct 16, 2009 - 02:25 AM
Post subject:
No need to copy anything .......... The ICE Mod is an approved Mod and gets installed into the expansions folder.

Its the same for the IC, SG and SAE Mods ..... although these are good Mods ...... popularity has decreased ..... out of the above ..... The SG Mod is IMHO the better one.

Just run the exe file that you have downloaded and it will do everything for you.

The AW2 Mod is not an approved Mod ... but once again, all you need to do is run the exe file (that you have downloaded .... it is a big file and takes a few hours/days to download) and once again it will do everything needed.

Note: The ICE Mod has run its course and is no longer supported by its author ....... so New Maps will be 'Far and Few' ...... The AW Mod however has recently been released and will be supported for a while.
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