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Barracks - Operation "Phish Phry" a Huge Success!

Corsair9 - Oct 12, 2009 - 01:19 AM
Post subject: Operation "Phish Phry" a Huge Success!
I'm usually one of the first people to call my government down for something I see as mishandled or just really a bad idea.

This time I would like to speak out on what I see as an exemplary job at nailing a lot of those scum bags who keep sending us those emails supposedly from our own banks trying to steal our personal banking information and our hard earned money. A practice referred to as "phishing". I'm sure we've all received one or a hundred. It has always just irked me at the audacity some people have to send this out and just sit back and wait for the money to roll in.

Well, 100 of them aren't sitting back anymore. The Los Angeles Field Office of the F.B.I. with support of the Electronic Crimes Task Force in Los Angeles as well as support from several other Agencies and the Egyptian authorities mounted and executed the largest scale sting operation in history dubbed "Operation Phish Phry". The operation netted 53 arrests here in the U.S. and 47 in Egypt. The largest number of arrests for a cyber crime case ever.

I just have to say "Thank You and Well Done!!!" to all involved in bringing these perpetrators to justice and hope that the efforts continue and bear equally impressive fruit.

Okay... I'm done ranting for now... Thanks for your patience.

Anyone wanting the full story see
Operation Phish Phry
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