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DF: Xtreme - Some FYI for Black Ops install

ChalkedOutline - Aug 08, 2009 - 10:00 AM
Post subject: Some FYI for Black Ops install
when you go to install the new BO mod. it must be done with a clean install. you can't just simply copy and paste you're old, previous installed DFX original. as you did with past Mods. I tried several times to install it the usual way only to see several failures

1. Uninstall DFX

2. go to your folder directory "C:\Program Files\NovaLogic\Delta Force Xtreme\dfx.exe" ( Where ever your DFX was installed ) and delete all remaining files or move them to a different location so you can re-add them at a different time.

3.re-install DFX and update.

4. Copy and paste contents of DFX folder to the Folder and location of where you want the BO mod installed "C:\Program Files\NovaLogic\Delta Force Xtreme\BO_Mod.exe"

5 Install BO mode to "C:\Program Files\NovaLogic\Delta Force Xtreme\BO_Mod.exe"

6. Play the game
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