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CheeseBall - Jun 09, 2009 - 09:22 AM
Post subject: DFX SO MOD map
DFX SO MOD map HMS_operation Detox missing out of rotation and or list.

Wondering if something was bad with map, or if it can be put back

into map list.

Thanks bunches.
Cally - Jun 09, 2009 - 11:21 AM
Post subject:
Probably missed it when I reinstalled the Server .... will add it to the available maps later.
CheeseBall - Jun 09, 2009 - 08:21 PM
Post subject:
Thank you.

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Cally - Jun 10, 2009 - 03:33 AM
Post subject:
Its back on the Server (Thank Goodness for Backups)

It will be available at the next Server restart ..
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