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DF: Xtreme - DF-AF update.

ChevyRider - May 08, 2009 - 03:20 PM
Post subject: DF-AF update.
The following lines are made by the DF-AF staf of Nova.

This is just a quick update on the status of DFAF since there is currently a lot of speculation in the forums:

DF:AF will not be released until at least Q1 2010. DF:AF uses a new cutting edge engine with some awesome technical feats that I am still not allowed to talk about. We showed some of it privately at GDC behind closed doors but we are still not ready for a public unveiling. System requirements are not fixed yet but likely it will require a minimum of shader model 3 video hardware and a lot of RAM. We do still plan to have a Beta but not until sometime after DFX2 is on the shelves and past its first update. There is currently no Beta at all so ignore the rumors on that.

DFX2 conversely uses an enhanced version of the JO engine and has fairly modest system requirements. Please do not confuse these 2 products as they have almost nothing in common.

After reading this, i think we have to do it this year with DFX 2.

Viper-NL - May 11, 2009 - 11:19 AM
Post subject:
I Played the beta version of DFX2 but its not better than the game we play now.
ChevyRider - May 11, 2009 - 12:47 PM
Post subject:
Viper-NL wrote:
I Played the beta version of DFX2 but its not better than the game we play now.

I know, Viper.
I only hope we can throw away all mods when it comes out.
Besides that, everybody wo plays now the plain original DFX could go over to the DFX2 game.
By this we get a big potential of players who play the same game.
This could lead to a lot more occupied servers and an endless stream of new maps.
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