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DF: Xtreme - DF Xtreme 2 .. Thoughts

Command Staff - May 02, 2009 - 02:09 AM
Post subject: DF Xtreme 2 .. Thoughts
Now that the Beta Demo has been out for a week ...... and you have had a chance to give it a run ......

What are your thoughts:
ChevyRider - May 02, 2009 - 04:47 AM
Post subject:
I only played the single player part.
It looks a lot on the SO-mod we play now.
The A.I. acts a little bit different now, but if they have more intelligence, that's something i can't tell on the moment.

There was some less ammo you could bear on your body.
Only one flash-bang and one AT 4.
No MP 5, only a pistol as side arm.

There are no med packs and no healing to each other.
When you're wounded stay in cover and you will heal pretty soon.(perhaps to quick even).

The grass is very nice now, and you can snipe in it, without the need of a thermal.

Read on the forums that the vehicles are too mighty, especial the tank.
Could become a rush game, because you only can carry one AT 4.

The original DFX almost died now because the amount of mod versions.
So if command decides to step over to DFX2, i think we have to stay by that, except for the original updates of Nova.

A lot of map-makers will stop with making, because of the incompatibility of the mod versions.

Personally i will buy the game, what will be a budget-version (low prize), anyway.

Hope the new DFX 2 will unite everybody again, even the Golfers Cool

The system requirements seems to be the same as for DFX, so everybody can join.
This in the contrary of Angel Falls, what certainly will need higher spec PC's.
Besides i think that game is still far away of a release.

So for me, i'm gonna play it.
BobMarley - May 02, 2009 - 08:54 AM
Post subject:
I think Chevy pretty much covered it.
Wild-Bill - May 02, 2009 - 03:15 PM
Post subject:
Looks like more realistic...great the less ammo policy. AT4 party is history then...which i very hate.
Cally - May 03, 2009 - 02:02 AM
Post subject:
The Beta Demo doesnt give that much away ..... The AI are at a 'Easy' setting ..... otherwise the Map wouldnt be completed .... very easily.

The Graphics and Sounds are an improvement ...... but are very acceptable ...... and Processor lag was experienced.

The wepaons are a bit 'boring' in choice ..... and with limited ATA rounds ..... killing a tank is very hard ...... saying that ...... if you have a combined (co-ordinated) attack on a tank from 3 players ..... then it can be destroyed .....

I havent played that much Multiplayer ....... but will miss the med .... as it did bring 'Teamwork' into the Game .... although the self healing will also be usefull .... especially for the Snipers.

The Anti-Cheating system ...... should also benefit the Game ...... I think Nova is still keeping this under wraps a bit ..... untill the Real Game is released.

All in All ......... This is only a stop gap game ....... that is testing some of Nova's New 'Things' .... That it will be using in DF: AF (although AF will have a much superior Graphics engine) ......

I will be buying it .........
ChevyRider - May 05, 2009 - 12:49 AM
Post subject:
Command Staff wrote:
Now that the Beta Demo has been out for a week ...... and you have had a chance to give it a run ......

What are your thoughts:

This was the question!!!!!!

So instead of just reading this, please give your opinion.(if you've played the game).

Do you like to play this, so command can put up a server for this, or do you stay at the old DFX-so?

For me personally, i would like to play DFX 2, even if it should be a bit less than DFX.

Of course, without mods, (only NOVA updates).
Then we can play on NOVA servers again too and not only on the few public-servers there are now.

And yes i hope the JO and Golf-players come back too, so we have every evening a full house.
ChalkedOutline - May 05, 2009 - 02:22 PM
Post subject:
So far I like it. have exclusivly played in multiplayer mode. In DFX2 you can now spawn to specific places, to default, taken over PSP even to vehicles that are already in route. the game is more of a one shot one kill type, no more emptying an entire clip trying to kill. another likeable feature is like in battlefield, you now have to deploy your parachute, giving you the ability to make HALO's and not float like a easy target. like mentioned in previous post. it is about impossible to engage an armored vehicle alone, which is ok forces team work. only thing I do not like at this point is the HUD's are too busy (Too many items shown) and at times hard to decyfer. weapon selection is good.

In my play and in my research have found Hacks have already been written for the demo, have yet to see any visible hacking first hand, but have read many in game complaints and players call out others. yet my experience also tells me half these claims are the results of either Lag or pure coincidence.

forgot to add you can now switch teams in game
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