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Joint Operations - JointOps Update in beta testing

Cally - Feb 13, 2009 - 10:40 AM
Post subject: JointOps Update in beta testing
Novalogic is planning an update to Joint Operations and the following has been taken from Novaworld2.com:


For those technical enough to back up their current EXE and copy this one to the right folder, you can test it out for us. It's intended to be compatible with the current EXE and offers a few new features and improvements. Pending the test results, these changes will become available as a regular update.


This EXE is testing ...

Notes: If you have any issues moving, delete PLAYER.SAV file.


This should work with all the Mods .... as it is only the exe file ...... Just remember to copy/backup the existing/original exe file to somewhere safe ..... and if it doesnt run properly or produces unwanted effects ..... Just copy the original exe back.

Nothing to lose.

Also .... if you do come across anything strange ..... PLEASE report it to the novaworld2 forum ....... http://www.novaworld2.com/index.php?idtag=4995af6c0c37b&do=/public/forums/display_topic/id_2591/

REMEMBER ..... The more Bugs found ...... The better the final version ..... and the more time NOVA can spend adding more stuff.
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