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Joint Operations - Bad Maps

Pwb - Nov 25, 2008 - 11:02 PM
Post subject: Bad Maps
CQB by Marine1-h3lm1 does not work.
You are to destroy 3 anit-aircraft guns, 2 .50 mg's, and 3 crates.
2 of the crates will not blow, they must be indestructible.
I really wish people would test their maps before posting.
Cally - Nov 26, 2008 - 03:14 AM
Post subject:
It does finish ..... have seen it on numerous occassions.

The camo nets dont go all the way to the ground at one end ..... you need to throw your sats, etc here ......
Pwb - Nov 26, 2008 - 05:43 PM
Post subject:
OK...will try it again
RoadRage - Nov 27, 2008 - 12:13 AM
Post subject:
'AW-Hurt Them' has several bugs.
The 'Supply Trucks' goal is a gas bottle on the balcony of the first building.
You can't respawn at B. Pops you out of tunnel.
When you reach C, at the top of a ladder, it's blocked by an armory.
You will capture it when you reach the top of the ladder but
you have to die and respawn at C to pass the armory.

Cally - Nov 27, 2008 - 04:12 AM
Post subject:
Thanks RR .... have removed Hurt Them from the Server
RoadRage - Nov 29, 2008 - 05:56 PM
Post subject:
Even with the ICE update, Waterworld still doesn't work.
Stairs at D are still missing.
Platform with bg's near C is missing. BG's are in the water.
First thing I do when I see this map running is jump in a boat and
head around the back of waterworld to check on the stairs.
No stairs, I cycle map with rat and remove it.

Cally - Nov 30, 2008 - 06:02 AM
Post subject:
OK ..... Will remove it from the server for good.
Cally - Nov 30, 2008 - 07:02 AM
Post subject:
The author has updated water-world, so I have added it back onto the Server.
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