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Category: DF: Xtreme

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  DF: X Terrain EXP  Popular
Description: 7 new terrains for DF: Xtreme or Joint Operations.
File size: 41.50 MB
Downloads: 5237
Added on: 05-Aug-2006


  Special Operations Mod v Alpha (Patch)  Popular
Description: This will patch your Special Ops mod. The fixes are: Grenade Launchers Javelin Stinger Mortar Flak Cannons Island Wars campaign and several terrains.

Support at www.wtf-squad.com

File size: 3.64 MB
Downloads: 5204
Added on: 27-Sep-2007


  Special Operations Mod v Alpha  Popular
File size: 564.50 MB
Downloads: 4875
Added on: 14-Feb-2007


  DFX Soundpack  Popular
File size: 9.00 MB
Downloads: 4308
Added on: 15-Jul-2011


  Special Operations II (Patch)  Popular
File size: 524.02 MB
Downloads: 4225
Added on: 16-Sep-2013


  Special Operations II  Popular
File size: 2048.00 MB
Downloads: 4164
Added on: 16-Sep-2013


  SO Mod Installer Helper  Popular
Description: This program will make a copy of your DeltaForce Xtreme directory and name it Delta Force Xtreme SO allowing you to manually run the Special Ops Mod that you downloaded to update your game. I tried to make installing the mod as simple as possible. Made by: Gen Stranger of KAB.
File size: 63.02 Kb
Downloads: 1983
Added on: 12-Jan-2008


  Installing the DFX SO Mod  Popular
Description: a DFReload tutorial by iceman on how to install the SO Mod.
File size: 425.30 Kb
Downloads: 1884
Added on: 23-Nov-2007


  DFX Update v1.6.5.0  Popular
File size: 24.12 MB
Downloads: 1875
Added on: 23-Apr-2005


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