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Category: DF: Task Force Dagger

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  DFLW/TFD Realtek Fix  Popular
Description: This patch will help you to disable VON (voice over net) that makes the games DF : Land Warrior and Task Force Dagger crash at 'joining session' when you have a realtek high difinition sound card.
File size: 2.15 MB
Downloads: 1259
Added on: 05-Mar-2008


  TFD Live Map Manager XP v1.0  Popular
Description: This is a quick little program to help hosts manage the map order dynamically (during a game). The host doesn't need to rename maps, and all maps in DF:TFD are accessible to put in order (custom maps as well as stock maps). If a map needs to be repeated, this is easily done. If the host wants to play stock maps in a different order, this can also be done. No changes are made to the maps themselves, and all order changes are temporary, so no need to worry about messing up existing maps.
File size: 52.80 Kb
Downloads: 1309
Added on: 08-Oct-2005


  DFTFD No CD 8 Player Patch  Popular
Description: This is the No-CD Patch for DF:TFD update v1.00.09.

This program increases the number of players allowed to join a CoOp Gaming Server from the default four players to eight players. It also removes the requirement to have the CD in the CD Drive which saves wear and tear on your game CD.
File size: 639.65 Kb
Downloads: 3453
Added on: 11-Jul-2005


  BabStats Uploader  Popular
Description: This is the uploader for TFD BabStats
Version: 1.2
File size: 354.49 Kb
Downloads: 1355
Added on: 05-Feb-2005


  DFTFD Pinger  Popular
File size: 739.26 Kb
Downloads: 1407
Added on: 02-Feb-2005


  Chancellors Host Editor v1.0  Popular
File size: 51.76 Kb
Downloads: 1315
Added on: 20-Jan-2005


  TFD Expansion Pack  Popular
File size: 10.47 MB
Downloads: 3844
Added on: 10-Jan-2005


  TFD Object Fixes  Popular
File size: 1007.83 Kb
Downloads: 3380
Added on: 10-Jan-2005


  DF:TFD Update v1.00.09  Popular
File size: 3.05 MB
Downloads: 1205
Added on: 19-Sep-2002


  DF:TFD Update v1.00.07  Popular
File size: 3.86 MB
Downloads: 1204
Added on: 18-Sep-2002


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