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Thursday, April 09, 2020

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Squad NameDog43Victor
Game NameDog43 <[RP]>

RankLieutenant Colonel
PositionJAG Adjutant

Joined Squad08 Jan 05

Games OwnedDelta ForceDelta Force 2Land WarriorTask Force DaggerBlack Hawk DownBlack Hawk Down Team SabreJoint Operations: Typhoon Rising
Joint Operations: EscalationDelta Force: Xtreme

Squad Support Funding Ribbon Outstanding Performance Medal
Outstanding Performance Medal Anniversary Ribbon (for 10 years in squad) Officer Training Ribbon
Army Service Ribbon Land Overseas Ribbon Public Relations Ribbon
Sniper Ribbon with Star Sniper Ribbon (DFX/JO) 
Ninurta Trophy Ribbon - 1 Caps RP Bash Trophy Ribbon - 1 Caps

Combat Action 5 StarCombat Medical

Squad PatchPersonnel PatchFirst Aid 2 StarNavigation

Fallen Members