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Corsair9`s - Distinguished Service Cross

Awarded on 12/13/2007
Presented by

Reasons: Citation to accompany the award of the Distignuished Service Cross / Date to encompass 09 Jan 2005, to 13 Dec 2007 / Be it known by all that, RP-LG-Corsair9, is hereby awarded the Distinguished Service Cross as, he has distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious service and dedication to the Raptor-Pack Squad, in a duties of great responsibility. His performance merits formal recognition for services which are clearly exceptional. Since joining the Raptor-Pack Squad, RP-LG-Corsair9, has continually and steadfastly upheld to the highest character and professional standards. RP-LG-Corsair9 has served in various vital command positions during his tenure with the Raptor-Pack Squad to include: HQ/G-3 Commander, HQ Commander and Chief of Staff. His dedication to these duties, and reliability of command presence and posture, have been an inspiration to others. RP-LG-Corsair9 has continuously supported all Raptor-Pack goals and has been a driving force in the success of the Squad, bringing great accolades and asset upon himself and the Raptor-Pack Squad. It is for these reasons that RP-LG-Corsair9 is offically awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his services from a grateful Raptor-Pack Squad. Given by my hand, under the authority of the Raptor-Pack Command Staff, this day of our Lord, the thirteenth day of December, in the year Two-Thousand and Seven, Annos Dios. RP-MG-Stormbird Combined Ops Commander

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